R. W. Alley ( me ) is an award-winning author and illustrator, focusing primarily on children’s literature.

On these pages you’ll find notes on my various projects, including my newest self-authored book, Firefighters to the Rescue! I am very excited about this one. It’s the first in the new Breezy Valley at Work series. Books about Hospital workers and Construction workers are in the works. You’ll also find the classic Paddington Bear books by Michael Bond that I’ve had the pleasure and honor to illustrate for twenty-five years, the Pearl and Wagner books by Kate McMullan and the Elf-Help books.

You’ll also discover a portfolio of the newest drawings as well as the usual biographical info and contact details.

Upcoming visits and details on how-to-arrange-a-visit have a page, too.

Email or message me on instagram if something grabs your attention.